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About LifeLabs Genetics

LifeLabs Genetics is at the forefront of clinical genetic testing and personalized medicine in Canada, working with the world’s leading laboratories, healthcare providers, and government partners to find the most cost-effective and meaningful clinically relevant way to bring genetic advancements to Canadians.

All the genetic tests we offer include payment in Canadian dollars, provincial funding application support (when applicable), as well as the handling of kits, samples, and results according to Canadian health standards. Whether through one of our local collection centres or through a self-collection kit (when applicable), LifeLabs makes it easy for Canadians to access genetic tests.


Panorama™ is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) that screens for common genetic conditions caused by extra or missing chromosomes in the baby’s DNA as early as 9 weeks.

Panorama’s unique SNP-based methodology differentiates between maternal and placental DNA, providing accuracy and reliability of results.

  • Fewer false negative and false positive rates
  • Detects triploidy, vanishing twin and molar pregnancies
  • Provides more information on the health of singleton or twin pregnancies compared to conventional maternal serum screening and other NIPT tests, including sex and zygosity of each twin.

Learn why Panorama, non-invasive prenatal screen, is the first line choice for many Canadian Physicians:

Hereditary Cancer

More and more Canadians with early cancer diagnoses or family histories of cancer are considering genetic testing to learn about their risk of developing cancer. At LifeLabs Genetics, we offer genetic testing of 47 genes for Inherited Cancer Susceptibility.

Rare and Hereditary Conditions

Increase your diagnostic yield using one of the curated, comprehensive, or custom panels from LifeLabs Genetics. These 3500+ diagnostic and predictive single gene and genetic panel tests provide concrete, actionable insights that lead to informed decision making and personalized treatment.