OnDemand Program

The following speaker presentations will be made available on the InfernoAR hosting platform for 1 month following the live streamed CAGC Virtual Conference. Some speakers have not provided permission for CAGC to post their recorded session, so please review to ensure you don’t miss out on a session of interest.

Sponsor Developed Sessions:

Amicus Therapeutics
Title: Decoding Fabry Disease: Empowering Patients with Fabry Family Tree Builder
Speaker: Melanie Napier

Astra Zeneca
Title: We’d test him for that: The Expanding Role of Genetic Testing for Men with Prostate Cancer
Speakers: Justin Lorentz, Emily Thain

Blueprint Genetics
Title: Shedding Light on Complex Regions in Genetics
Speaker: Johanna Sistonen

Title: RNA Sequencing Augments Exome and Genome Analysis
Speaker: Trey Langley

Title: Cerebral Palsy: Why Genetic Testing Should Be Considered
Speakers: Jane Juusola, Francisca Millan Zamora

Title: Bridging genetic counseling gaps with technology
Speakers: Shivani Nazareth, Natalie Spivak

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.:
Title: Ushering in a new era of gene replacement therapies for monogenetic diseases
Speakers: Kimberly Amburgey, Stephanie Hoang, Dr. Peter Kannu

Prevention Genetics:
Title: Prenatal diagnosis: Bridging the gap between the Laboratory and the Clinic
Speakers: Diane Allingham-Hawkins, Christel Du Souich

Abstract Sessions:

Oral Presentations:

Title: An internship in psychiatric genetic counseling: Impact on genetic counseling graduates’ practice and career choices
Speaker: Brianna Van Del Adel

Title: Proactive genetic screening addresses limitations of family history and access to genetic testing
Speaker: Jessica Gu

Title: Exploring perceptions and attitudes towards integrating a genetic counsellor into a multidisciplinary primary care practice team. A qualitative GenCOUNSEL study
Speaker: Caitlin Slomp

Title: A nationally agreed cross-professional competency framework to facilitate genomic testing
Speaker: Amanda Pichini

Title: The costs associated with conventional diagnostic testing compared to genomic sequencing in patients with adult-onset neurological conditions
Speaker: Yun Amber Zhu

Title: Retrospective analysis of >25,000 rare disease patients confirms biallelic variants in the NRAP gene are a significant cause of dilated cardiomyopathy
Speaker: Kim Gall

Title: The diagnostic yield of multi-gene intellectual disability panels in 140 patients with neurodevelopmental disorders
Speaker: Mireille Cloutier

Title: Implementing Genomics in the Neonatal Period: An Assessment of Parental Decision-Making and Anxiety
Speaker: Tasha Wainstein

Title: It meant a lot and it helped a lot”: A retrospective study of parental experiences with rapid genome-wide sequencing in a neonatal intensive care unit
Speaker: Caitlin Aldridge

Title: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”: Parents’ perspectives after the return of variants of uncertain significance from multigene panel testing for hearing loss
Speaker: Rosettia Ho

Title: Sickle cell trait newborn screen results: disclosure and management
Speaker: Margaret Lilley

Poster Presentations:

Title: Solving a Cold Case: A Lesson on Making Assumptions
Author: Natasha Osawa

Title: A novel model for the management of clinically relevant incidental findings
Author: Rita Kodita

Title: Talking about Mental Health and 22q11DS
Author: Corey Filiaggi

Title: Far and Wide: Uptake and acceptability of remote service provision for genome-wide sequencing in Canada: a GenCOUNSEL substudy
Author: Emily Enns

Title: Do genetic counselling students use self-help online resources for mental health support? A survey looking at usage, perception, and drawbacks
Author: Kelsey Kalbfleisch

Title: Performance of an eHealth decision support tool (MIPOGG) for identifying children with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Gorlin syndrome, DICER1 syndrome, and constitutional mismatch repair deficiency
Author: Robyn Hebert

Title: The expansion of prognostic tumor genetic testing and emerging roles for genetic counsellor
Author: Jaime Jessen

Title: The utility of rapid whole exome sequencing for recurrence risk counselling and subsequent pregnancy management: a case report
Author: Islay Fitzgerald

Title: A method to improve genetic diagnostic yield among patients suspected to have primary immunodeficiency
Author: Christine Davies

Title: Frequency and characteristics of copy number variants identified by a whole-exome sequencing platform across medical specialities
Author: Allison Sluyters

Title: A new clinical exome assay developed for the high-throughput diagnosis of genetic conditions
Author: Julie Hathaway

Title: Congenital disorder of fucosylation caused by homozygous mutations in FUT8 undetectable with traditional transferrin screening
Author: Cassandra McDonald

Title: Challenges to the detection and interpretation of single nucleotide variants in close proximity to copy number variants: a CHEO Genetics Diagnostic Laboratory experience
Author: Patricia Harper

Title: The Value of Whole Exome Sequencing in Prenatal Diagnosis: The Experience of a Canadian Tertiary Hospital
Author: Anna Pan

Title: Exploring the impact of a decision aid: Engagement and personalization during pre-test genetic counselling for secondary finding selection from genomic sequencing among adults affected by cancer
Author: Sara Rafferty

Plenary Sessions:

Short Course Invited Speaker Sessions:

Title: Alternative Service Delivery Models: 5 Years of Experience at the Hereditary Cancer Program in British Columbia
Speaker: Zoe Lohn

Title: The Mainstreaming Process: Oncologist-Mediated Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer
Speakers: Stephanie Desmarais, McKenzie Mitchell

Title: Undergraduate co-Operative Students in the Genetics Clinic
Speakers: Brittney Johnstone, Karen Ott

Title: Telephone: a means to scale & increase access, with high patient and genetic counselor satisfaction
Speaker: Colleen Caleshu

Title: A Complete 180 – How a community hospital changed to phone and virtual counselling due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Speakers: Ingrid Ambus, Islay Fitzgerald, Kristen Miller

Title: Genetic counselling delivery by webinar: The Alberta experience with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Speaker: Raechel Ferrier

Title: Implementation of Online Learning Module for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Speaker: Kelly Anderson

Title: Effectiveness of the Genomics ADvISER, a decision aid for the selection of incidental genome sequencing results
Speaker: Salma Shickh

Title: Genetic testing for all breast and ovarian cancer patients at the time of diagnosis: Can (and should) it be done?
Speakers: Jeanna McCuaig, Kelly Metcalfe

Title: Genetic Screening in ALS – A National Approach
Speaker: Kristiana Salmon

Title: Universal testing of endometrial cancer: Reaching an under-served population (the UTERUS project)
Speaker: Candice Jackel-Cram

Other Invited Speaker Session:

Title: CAGC Presidential Address
Speaker: Melanie Care

Title: Keynote: Twisted Science: Are Public Representations of Genetics Doing Harm?
Speaker: Timothy Caulfield

Title: General Public Inquiries – How Far should you go?
Speaker: Tina Babineau Sturk

Title: The Cost of Free Testing: Sponsored Genetic Testing in Canadian Health Care
Speakers: Kirsten Bartels, Jennifer Nuk

Title: Supporting a Lost Dream
Speakers: Danielle Holm, Jenifer Karpes, Patti Walker

Title: Improving the Experience for LGBTQ2S+ People
Speaker: Marni Panas

Title: Genetic Counselling for Intersex Conditions: A Community Approach to Depathologization
Speaker: Katie Saulnier

Title: Beyond the Bubble: SCID newborn screening and management in Alberta
Speakers: Dr. Stacey Hume, Dr. Ross Ridsdale, Dr. Sneha Suresh, and Cowie family